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Hitchhiker through the Quantum Realm since 2022

Quantum materials exhibit a vast array of exotic properties including high-temperature superconductivity, electron and magnetic ordering, and topology. Incorporating these unique properties into renewable energy applications will boost their efficiencies beyond their classical limits. The Carroll-Pöhls lab will design quantum materials with tailored electrical and thermal properties to advance thermoelectric materials - converting heat into electricity. As most of the energy produced worldwide is inaccessible in the form of heat, the optimization of the thermoelectric efficiency is essential in our fight against global climate change. To accelerate the research, we combine solid-state synthesis with advanced computational methods such as density functional theory and machine learning. A robotic workstation will provide the necessary robustness and precision to guide the experimental efforts developing the next-generation of quantum and renewable energy materials. For more information, please check out our publications or send an email to Jan.Pohls@UNB.Ca.

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